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2.2. Undercloud Requirements

The Undercloud system hosting the director provides provisioning and management for all nodes in the Overcloud.
  • An 8-core 64-bit x86 processor with support for the Intel 64 or AMD64 CPU extensions.
  • A minimum of 16 GB of RAM.
  • A minimum of 40 GB of available disk space. Make sure to leave at least 10 GB free space before attempting an Overcloud deployment or update. This free space accommodates image conversion and caching during the node provisioning process.
  • A minimum of 2 x 1 Gbps Network Interface Cards. However, it is recommended to use a 10 Gbps interface for Provisioning network traffic, especially if provisioning a large number of nodes in your Overcloud environment.
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2 or later installed as the host operating system.


Ensure the Undercloud's file system only contains a root and swap partitions if using Logical Volume Management (LVM). For more information, see the Red Hat Customer Portal article "Director node fails to boot after undercloud installation".