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B.4. Fujitsu Integrated Remote Management Controller (iRMC)

Fujitsu's iRMC is a Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) with integrated LAN connection and extended functionality. This driver focuses on the power management for bare metal systems connected to the iRMC.


iRMC S4 or higher is required.
Set this option to pxe_irmc.
pm_user, pm_password
The username and password for the iRMC interface.
The IP address of the iRMC interface.
pm_port (Optional)
The port to use for iRMC operations. The default is 443.
pm_auth_method (Optional)
The authentication method for iRMC operations. Use either basic or digest. The default is basic
pm_client_timeout (Optional)
Timeout (in seconds) for iRMC operations. The default is 60 seconds.
pm_sensor_method (Optional)
Sensor data retrieval method. Use either ipmitool or scci. The default is ipmitool.

Additional Notes

  • Edit the /etc/ironic/ironic.conf file and add pxe_irmc to the enabled_drivers option to enable this driver.
  • The director also requires an additional set of utilities if you enabled SCCI as the sensor method. Install the python-scciclient package and restart the openstack-ironic-conductor service:
    $ yum install python-scciclient
    $ sudo systemctl restart openstack-ironic-conductor.service