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Appendix E. Network Interface Template Examples

This appendix provides a few example Heat templates to demonstrate network interface configuration.

E.1. Configuring Interfaces

Individual interfaces might require modification. The example below shows modifications required to use the second NIC to connect to an infrastructure network with DHCP addresses, and to use the third and fourth NICs for the bond:
  # Add a DHCP infrastructure network to nic2
    type: interface
    name: nic2
    use_dhcp: true
    type: ovs_bridge
    name: br-bond
        type: ovs_bond
        name: bond1
        ovs_options: {get_param: BondInterfaceOvsOptions}
          # Modify bond NICs to use nic3 and nic4
            type: interface
            name: nic3
            primary: true
            type: interface
            name: nic4
The network interface template uses either the actual interface name ("eth0", "eth1", "enp0s25") or a set of numbered interfaces ("nic1", "nic2", "nic3"). The network interfaces of hosts within a role do not have to be exactly the same when using numbered interfaces (nic1, nic2, etc.) instead of named interfaces (eth0, eno2, etc.). For example, one host might have interfaces em1 and em2, while another has eno1 and eno2, but you can refer to both hosts' NICs as nic1 and nic2.
The order of numbered interfaces corresponds to the order of named network interface types:
  • ethX interfaces, such as eth0, eth1, etc. These are usually onboard interfaces.
  • enoX interfaces, such as eno0, eno1, etc. These are usually onboard interfaces.
  • enX interfaces, sorted alpha numerically, such as enp3s0, enp3s1, ens3, etc. These are usually add-on interfaces.
The numbered NIC scheme only takes into account the interfaces that are live, for example, if they have a cable attached to the switch. If you have some hosts with four interfaces and some with six interfaces, you should use nic1 to nic4 and only plug four cables on each host.