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6.10. Configuring the Overcloud Time Zone

You can set the time zone of your Overcloud deployment using the TimeZone parameter in an environment file. If you leave the TimeZone parameter blank, the Overcloud will default to UTC time.

Director recognizes the standard timezone names defined in the timezone database /usr/share/zoneinfo/. For example, if you wanted to set your time zone to Japan, you would examine the contents of /usr/share/zoneinfo to locate a suitable entry:
$ ls /usr/share/zoneinfo/
Africa      Asia       Canada   Cuba   EST      GB       GMT-0      HST  Kwajalein  MST      NZ-CHAT   posix       right      Turkey     UTC       Zulu
America     Atlantic   CET      EET    EST5EDT  GB-Eire  GMT+0      Iceland  Israel       Libya      MST7MDT  Pacific   posixrules  ROC        UCT        WET
Antarctica  Australia  Chile    Egypt  Etc      GMT      Greenwich  Indian   Jamaica      MET        Navajo   Poland    PRC         ROK        Universal  W-SU
Arctic      Brazil     CST6CDT  Eire   Europe   GMT0     Hongkong   Iran     Japan        Mexico     NZ       Portugal  PST8PDT     Singapore  US

The output listed above includes time zone files, and directories containing additional time zone files. For example, Japan is an individual time zone file in this result, but Africa is a directory containing additional time zone files:
$ ls /usr/share/zoneinfo/Africa/
Abidjan      Algiers  Bamako  Bissau       Bujumbura   Ceuta    Dar_es_Salaam  El_Aaiun  Harare        Kampala   Kinshasa    Lome        Lusaka  Maseru     Monrovia  Niamey       Porto-Novo  Tripoli
Accra        Asmara   Bangui  Blantyre     Cairo       Conakry  Djibouti       Freetown  Johannesburg  Khartoum  Lagos       Luanda      Malabo  Mbabane    Nairobi   Nouakchott   Sao_Tome    Tunis
Addis_Ababa  Asmera   Banjul  Brazzaville  Casablanca  Dakar    Douala         Gaborone  Juba          Kigali    Libreville  Lubumbashi  Maputo  Mogadishu  Ndjamena  Ouagadougou  Timbuktu    Windhoek

Once you have determined the time zone to use, you can enter its name into an environment file processing. For example, add the entry in a file named 'timezone.yaml' to set your timezone to Japan:
  TimeZone: 'Japan'

Next, use the overcloud deploy process to run the template and apply the setting:
$ openstack overcloud deploy --templates -e timezone.yaml