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2.4. Starting the JBoss ON Agent

The JBoss ON agent can be started manually or can be configured to start and run as a system service.


The agent's configuration is determined by what user is running the agent. If the agent is run as one user and then later run as another user, the agent will have a different configuration that second time because it will use a different backing store for its configuration settings.
This means that if one user is used to configure the agent when it is installed, that same user must be used to run the agent subsequently, or the agent will apparently lose its configuration and need to be reconfigured under the new user.
The agent configuration backing store is described in Section 6.10, “Managing the Agent's Persisted Configuration”.

2.4.1. Starting the JBoss ON Agent (Basic)

The agent is started and runs using a script in the agent's bin/ directory. Unlike the server start script, which starts the server process and then exits the script, the agent script remains open, with a prompt to accept further input if necessary. (Usually, the script can simply be started and left to run in the background.)

RHQ [cda7569] (Tue Apr 13 13:39:16 EDT 2012)
Most of the time, the JBoss ON agent can run without any additional options or settings. All of the available options for the script are listed in Table 13, “Options for the Script”. Additional configuration options can be set by editing the script file.


If there are any errors when starting the JBoss ON agent, run the agent start script with the --cleanconfig to wipe the previous agent configuration and start fresh.