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7.2. Changing Database Passwords

The JBoss ON server connects to its database instance as a database user. It does this automatically, using the credentials given in its file. The database password is encoded automatically by the installer before it is stored in the file, to provide some extra protection against unauthorized access to the database password.
It's possible that the password for that database user account is changed. This change always occurs at the database, not in JBoss ON, so the password in the file has to be manually encoded and updated for JBoss ON to continue to function.
  1. Change the password for the JBoss ON user (rhqadmin by default) in the database.
  2. Use the script to encode the password.
    serverRoot/bin/ mypassword
    Encoded password: 1d31b70b3650168f79edee9e04977e34
    JBoss ON stores its database password in an encoded form in the rhq-server-properties file. Therefore, the new database has to be properly encoded before it's added to the rhq-server-properties file so that the server reads it correctly.
  3. Edit the rhq.server.database.password value in the file so that it has the new encoded password value.
    vim serverRoot/bin/