5.3.4. Configuring the SMTP Server for Email Notifications

Each JBoss ON server talks to a specific SMTP server. The SMTP server is defined in the rhq-server.properties file. The default configuration points to the local JBoss ON server hosts.
# Email
These settings can be edited to use a different SMTP server or email account.


To confirm that the SMTP settings are correct and the server can send emails successfully, go to the test email page at http://server/admin/test/email.jsp.

Table 11. rhq-server.properties Parameters for SMTP

Parameter Description
rhq.server.email.smtp-host Sets the hostname of the SMTP server used by the JBoss ON server.
rhq.server.email.smtp-port Sets the port of the SMTP server used by the JBoss ON server.
rhq.server.email.from-address Sets the address to use for the From header of all emails sent by the JBoss ON server.