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6.12.2. Setting a Java Option

Editing the agent-configuration.xml file only sets the node name; the node location still has to be passed every time the agent is started.
By setting a Java option in the file, the Java preferences node information is set once and then persisted, so you can restart the agent as a service, without having to pass --prefs options or edit and reload the configuration.
  1. Open the agent prompt. For example, if the agent process is already running, the prompt can be opened by re-running the script with the -n option.
    [rhquser@server ~]$ agentRoot/rhq-agent/bin/ -n
  2. Use the setconfig command to set the RHQ_AGENT_ADDITIONAL_JAVA_OPTS value with the preference node. For example:
    > setconfig RHQ_AGENT_ADDITIONAL_JAVA_OPTS="-Djava.util.prefs.userRoot=agentUserHomeDir/.java/.userPrefs/rhq-agent/agent01-node"
    The preference node can be in the user preferences directory with a different name, such as agent01-node, or it can be in an entirely different location, such as /etc/agent-preferences, which is not a shared or filesystem-mounted location.
  3. Restart the agent process to load the new configuration. For example, if the agent is running as a service:
    [rhquser@server ~]$ service stop
    [rhquser@server ~]$ service start


It is also possible to stop the agent, edit the file directly, and then restart the agent.


Do not set the Java option within the rhq-agent runtime directory because this file is overwritten during JBoss ON agent updates. The default location for the rhq-agent runtime is $USERHOME/.java/.userPrefs/rhq-agent/default.