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7. Managing Databases Associated with JBoss ON

There are several basic tasks that can be done to manage the Oracle or PostgreSQL databases that are used by the JBoss ON server.

7.1. Running SQL Commands from JBoss ON

SQL commands can be run through the JBoss ON web UI on any database that the JBoss ON server is using for its data.


The database management page is not accessible through the normal JBoss ON GUI. Administrators must manually navigate to the admin area of the JBoss ON UI.


Whatever JBoss ON user you are logged in as must have adequate user rights on the database to execute the SQL commands.
  1. Open the administrative page, with the location admin/test/sql.jsp. For example:
  2. Enter the SQL commands, as appropriate for the JBoss ON Oracle or PostgreSQL database instance. If there are multiple commands, make sure the Continue if statements fail? checkbox is selected. That way, even if one command fails, the other commands will be submitted. Otherwise, the series will be terminated at the first failure.
  3. Click the Execute SQL button.