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6.9. Configuring Agent Update Settings

When an agent is installed from a JAR file, it has a configuration property that allows the agent to receive a version update automatically from the server. This means that every time the server is updated, all of the agents managed by that server will automatically be updated to the same version as the server. (This is beneficial because the server and the agent must be running as the same JBoss ON version.)
For a single agent, this is configured in the agent configuration file:
<entry key="rhq.agent.agent-update.enabled" value="true" />
A value of true means that the agent is allows to receive updates from the server.


This value is set to false for all agents installed by RPM. If an agent is installed from an RPM, the agent update setting must always be false.
The agent update setting for a single agent can be reset by editing the configuration property.
  1. Open the agent prompt. For example, if the agent process is already running, the prompt can be opened by re-running the script with the -n option.
    agentRoot/rhq-agent/bin/ -n
  2. Send the setconfig command with the new value for rhq.agent.agent-update.enabled configuration preference.
    > setconfig rhq.agent.agent-update.enabled=false
  3. Restart the agent process to load the new configuration.
    agentRoot/rhq-agent/bin/ stop
If all agents are installed using an RPM or if there is some environmental reason to prevent automatic upgrades for all agents, then automatic upgrades can be disabled in the JBoss ON server cloud. This means that no JBoss ON server will make updated packages available to the agents, regardless of the agent setting.
To change the agent update server setting:
  1. Click the Administration tab in the top menu.
  2. In the Configuration menu table on the left, select the System Settings item.
  3. Scroll to the JON General Configuration Properties section in the main work area.
  4. Set the Enable Agent Auto-Updates radio button to No. This prevents the server from sending new binaries to installed agents.
  5. Click the Save button. The changes are applied to all servers immediately.