6.5.2. Setting log4j Priorities

log4j categories support priorities for logging levels. This means that different areas of the agent can be configured for different log levels.


Do not set the RHQ_AGENT_DEBUG environment variable if you are setting priorities in the log4j.xml file. The environment variable overrides this log4j.xml configuration.
To enable debug logging for a category, change the priority value to DEBUG:
  1. Open the agent log4j file:
    # vim agentRoot/rhq-agent/conf/log4j.xml
  2. Reset the priority element for the category. By default, the agent configuration has logging for both incoming and outgoing server-agent communication and for the base org.rhq class. Optionally, logging can be enabled for plug-in class loaders and JBoss remoting communication.
       <!-- ================ -->
       <!-- Limit categories -->
       <!-- ================ -->
       <!-- RHQ -->
       <category name="org.rhq">
          <priority value="INFO"/>
       <!-- RHQ outgoing command tracing  - set to TRACE to trace commands sent by the agent -->
       <category name="org.rhq.enterprise.communications.command.client.OutgoingCommandTrace">
          <priority value="NONE"/>
          <appender-ref ref="COMMANDTRACE"/>
  3. Restart the agent to load the new configuration.
The log4j file format is described more in the Apache log4j documentation.