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6.2.2. Agent Start Options

Some agent management can be performed by passing options with the start script; these mainly relate to passing persistent configuration options to the server by loading external preferences through input files or passed parameters. These options are listed in Table 13, “Options for the Script”.

Table 13. Options for the Script

Short Argument Long Argument Description
-a --advanced Runs the agent script in setup mode, rather than basic start mode.
-c --config=filename Specifies an agent configuration preferences file on filesystem or classpath.
-d --daemon Runs the agent in daemon mode, which means it will not read additional commands from stdin.
-Dname[=value] Overrides an agent configuration preference and sets a system property.
-e --console=type Specifies the implementation to use when reading console input. The three available values are jline, sigar, and java.
-h --help Opens the help message.
-i --input=filename Specifies a script file to use for input.
-l --cleanconfig Clears out any existing configuration and data files so the agent starts with blank configuration, with the exception of the agent security token, which is preserved.
-L --fullcleanconfig Clears out any existing configuration and data files so the agent starts with a totally clean slate, including purging the security token.
-n --nostart Runs the agent script without starting the agent process.
-o --output=filename Specifies a file to write all output from the script, excluding log messages (which are always written to the agent logs).
-p --pref=preferences_name Specifies the Java preference node to use for the agent configuration.
-s --setup Forces the agent to ask setup questions.
-t --nonative Forces the agent to disable the native system.
-u --purgedata Purges persistent inventory and other data files.
-- Stops the agent from processing options.