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6.8. Configuring the Agent Quiet Time (Timeout Period)

The JBoss ON server waits a certain amount of time to hear from the agent before it considers that the agent is down. With the default settings, the agent sends a heartbeat to the server every minute. If the agent is quiet for five minutes, then the server reckons that the agent is down and marks the platform and all children as unavailable.
This setting, the agent quiet time, is a JBoss ON-wide setting. Every JBoss ON server in the cloud uses the same core settings.
  1. Click the Administration tab in the top menu.
  2. In the Configuration menu table on the left, select the System Settings item.
  3. Scroll to the JON General Configuration Properties section in the main work area.
  4. Change the Agent Max Quiet Time Allowed to the desired interval for the server to wait for the agent heartbeat before marking the agent as down.
  5. Click the Save button. The changes are applied to all servers immediately.