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36.11. Python depreciation warning messages when starting a virtual machine

Sometimes Python will generate a message like the one below, these are often caused by either an invalid or incorrect configuration file. A configuration file containing non-ascii characters will cause these errors.The solution is to correct the configuration file or generate a new one.
Another cause is an incorrect configuration file in your current working directory. “xm create” will look in the current directory for a configuration file and then in /etc/xen
# xm shutdown win2k3xen12
# xm create win2k3xen12
Using config file "win2k3xen12".
/usr/lib64/python2.4/site-packages/xen/xm/ DeprecationWarning:
Non-ASCII character '\xc0' in file win2k3xen12 on line 1, but no encoding
declared; see for details
execfile(defconfig, globs, locs)
Error: invalid syntax (win2k3xen12, line 1)