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15.4. Removing a PCI passthrough device for host re-use

Perform the following steps to remove a PCI passthrough device so that the host regains full access to the device:
  1. List all PCI devices

    For a list of only PCI devices, run the following command:
    # virsh nodedev-list | grep pci
    Each PCI device is identified by a string in the following format (where 8086 is a variable that in this case represents Intel equipment, and **** is a four digit hexadecimal code specific to each device):


    Comparing lspci output to lspci -n (which turns off name resolution) output can assist in deriving which device has which device identifier code.
  2. Remove and re-attach the device

    After removing the device either from the guest XML file or virt-manager, run the virsh nodedev-reattach command to return its use to the host, substituting your PCI device name that is designated for removal:
    # virsh nodedev-reattach pci_8086_3a6c