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36.5. Failed domain creation caused by a memory shortage

This may cause a domain to fail to start. The reason for this is there is not enough memory available or dom0 has not ballooned down enough to provide space for a recently created or started guest. In your /var/log/xen/xend.log, an example error message indicating this has occurred:
[2006-11-21 20:33:31 xend 3198] DEBUG (balloon:133) Balloon: 558432 KiB free;
	0 to scrub; need 1048576; retries: 20.
[2006-11-21 20:33:52 xend.XendDomainInfo 3198] ERROR (XendDomainInfo:202) Domain construction failed
You can verify the amount of memory currently used by dom0 with the command “xm list Domain-0”. If dom0 is not ballooned down you can use the command “xm mem-set Domain-0 NewMemSize” where NewMemSize should be a smaller value.