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37.2. Para-virtualized guest fail to load on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 guest operating system

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 is uses processor architecture specific kernel RPMs and because of this the para-virtualized drivers may fail to load if the para-virtualized driver RPM does not match the installed kernel architecture.
When the para-virtualized driver modules are inserted, a long list of unresolved modules will be displayed. A shortened excerpt of the error can be seen below.
# insmod xen-platform-pci.o 
Warning: kernel-module version mismatch
xen-platform-pci.o was compiled for kernel version 2.4.21-52.EL
while this kernel is version 2.4.21-50.EL
xen-platform-pci.o: unresolved symbol __ioremap_R9eac042a
xen-platform-pci.o: unresolved symbol flush_signals_R50973be2
xen-platform-pci.o: unresolved symbol pci_read_config_byte_R0e425a9e
xen-platform-pci.o: unresolved symbol __get_free_pages_R9016dd82
The solution is to use the correct RPM package for your hardware architecture for the para-virtualized drivers.