Satellite 5.6 RHEL_7 Channels missing from web UI

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I activated our new cert yesterday and performed the initial sync after doing so for my rhel_7 base and child channels. Today satellite's jvm crashed (possibly unrelated but noted anyways) and the host needed rebooting before httpd would respond again.

-metadata import completed
-packages downloaded & sync'd
-channels DO show up under entitlements & subscriptions as well as the number of packages they contain
-channels and packages are view-able from spacewalk-report without issue

Also note that under channel distribution mapping rhel_7 is there but if I click on the channel label I get an error page with the following error which corresponds to the tomcat error below:

This error may have occurred in one of three ways:

The channel requested does not exist. This is most likely if you arrived at this page through bookmarks or some other non-hyperlink.
You do not have permission to view this channel.
You've found an error in our site.

2014-06-18 14:09:38,923 [TP-Processor9] WARN com.redhat.rhn.common.errors.LookupExceptionHandler - User 328 does not have access to channel 747 or the channel does not exist"

rhn_manager satellite_5.6 no_proxy rhel_7 channel_error


I've opened a ticket and will update with results

I put in a ticket yesterday, the answer for this and the base channels was that it will be there 'soon'...

EDIT: I meant iso channel dumps for download, not synchronization directly to Red Hat's satellite via the public internet!

Ah finally... took some scrolling through the related tagged solutions to find it but here it is:

had to change entitlements from 0 to 1 for the given channel...

Oh right, sorry, I'm used to downloading the channels manually because my various satellite servers do not face the public internet. I was thinking the actual iso channels dumps for rhel 7 which are not available for download right now...