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I have a domain controller (JBoss EAP 6.2) running on a separate box to the BRMS host server (JBoss EAP 6.2). I created a user with admin,analyst role by running add_user.sh in the domain controller server and deployed the business-central.war file from the management console. When i try to login on the BRMS console, the login fails. I get a "login failed: Invalid UserName or Password" message.

what could be the issue? Is there a way to enable more logs to understand the issue? or should the users and roles file on the host controller also needs to be updated to validate the credentials?

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Hello Vijay,

thank you for your message. Please note that the currently supported version of EAP is 6.1.1. The user you added should be an Application user (not a Management user).
As you have valid subscriptions, the best way to resolve this is to open a ticket on the Customer Portal, under Support -> Support Cases -> Open a New Support Case,
or use this link:

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Eva Majorsinova
Red Hat, Inc.