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when i am trying to start the Apache service in RHEL server we are getting the following error.

/usr/sbin/httpd: symbol lookup error: /usr/sbin/httpd: undefined symbol: apr_atomic_xchgptr

Please guide me resolve the issue.


Hi Prabu,

Just curious, what versions of Red Hat and Apache are you using?

RHEL 6.4

Apache version= httpd-2.2.15-26.0.1.el6.x86_64


I couldn't find anything on Red Hat's website regarding this, and I've never personally experienced this with my web servers... and the limited info I found (dated) elsewhere seems to infer additional packages that might be needed... sadly, what I found is dated or for other distros, so Red Hat support may be useful to verify this.

See if the following rpms are installed, run this as root:

rpm -qa | egrep -i '^apr'

apr = Apache Portable Runtime, to provide the library of c data structures and routines.

I read that one person had to install or upgrade apr and apr-util. I'd verify with Red Hat support with this issue you have, but check to see if those rpms are installed.

Did your httpd service work and just fail recently? If so, do you have an idea of what changed?

Let us know...
Kind Regards

Hi Prabu,

It looks like the libraries are out of order, refer to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apache2/+bug/568435.

You could verify the rpm to find out whether all installed files are still in order: rpm --verify apr

And check which libraries are loaded: ldd -v /usr/sbin/httpd

Siem Korteweg

Hi Prabu,

Found this article maybe this will help you.

After calling: /etc/rc.d/rc.httpd start
I get this error:

/usr/sbin/httpd: symbol lookup error: /usr/sbin/httpd: undefined symbol: apr_file_link

Anyone has the same error?

EDIT (2):
After upgrading apr/apr-util with those tgz's, all is fine again

Nice find Siem/WorketDC

Prabu, please let us know how it goes