Creating CloudForms SmartTags

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Is there documentation or guidance on how to create a new SmartTag with values, or how to customize the values. For example, the Department tag has values that are not relevant and I'd like to add my own values. Likewise, I want to complete a new tag with values for tracking other properties and help in automation.


I figured this out with some help from Red Hat support. The trick is knowing that you are creating a new Category. This is done by going to Configure -> Configuration and expanding the Settings accordion. You then need to select your Region in the tree. From there, you can click on My Company Categories and click on the Plus symbol to create the category. To add the tag values, you go to My Company Tags and select the new or existing category to update the enumerated values for the category which becomes tag values.

In order to see the new Category/Tag, you need to restart the Appliance.

Good to see you figured this out, Bill, and thanks for sharing the solution you got from Red Hat Support here.