OSGI kie-services-client and kie-services-remote

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I have an application that depends on Kie Services Client to connect to a rempte JBPM Instance. Now, trying to deploy it in OSGI (KARAF). I found the drools-karaf-feature which I installed, but seems it does not come with kie-services-client and kie-services-remote, which I depend on.

I'm using version 6.0.1.Final.

Are these twho libs ( kie-services-client and kie-services-remote) avaiable as OSGI bundles?


Hi, just to clarify, is not vanilla karaf, but fuse 6.1.0.

Anyway, has anyone had deployed a bundle that depends on Kie 6.1.0 on fuse? I've managed to have kie-services and kie.services remote by wrapping them: mvn:wrap... It seems that kie has tons of dependencies and is a tught task to have it working on fuse 6.1.0.