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After entering the engine-iso-uploader list command at root
I am getting below error
"Please provide the REST API password for the admin@internal oVirt Engine user (CTRL+D to abort):
ERROR: Problem connecting to the REST API. Is the service available and does the CA certificate exist?"

Could you please guide me to resolve the issue.


Hi Kannan, this bit I am posting is just a guess. I do not use the product you're citing, but examine the info below...

Kannan, are you using RHEV? If so, see:

See this link https://access.redhat.com/site/solutions/281203

Also try this Red Hat solution to see if it is relevant: https://access.redhat.com/site/solutions/414753

This is for openshift...


  • Also check the existence/date certificate on the system:
sudo ls -la /etc/pki/ovirt-engine/ca.pem

Look at the recent log files for anything that looks relevant...

cat /var/log/ovirt-engine/ovirt-iso-uploader/ovirt-iso-uploader/DATETIMESTAMP.log

Apparently, the ovirt Community has an IRC channel at the Ovirt Community IRC channel - It seems there are people online now (when I originally typed this) irc://irc.oftc.net/ovirt.

Additionally, did you by chance take the update for openssl (heartbleed ssl issue)? Examine their article to see if you need to deal the keys for that system. See this Red Hat link, and also see this separate Red Hat link.

I'm hoping this helps, I've not used that product you cite.

Hopefully someone else can step in this discussion and give you more to go with...

Kind Regards,

Kannan, I found some mixed results when I used google with the initial error you cited. Until someone else steps in here, check that out as well, it seems others have experienced what you are going through, although a while ago.

Kind Regards,

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Hi Remelles,

Thanks for your inputs. Suddenly my rhevm got corrupted and I have re-deployed it again Sucsessfully. I have created new datacenter (nfs ) ,cluster and attached the host to the data center. Created new storage domain with storage type nfs. Currently I am unable to create new iso domain for deploying a vm . could you please help me to resolve the issue


Hello Kannan,
It sounds as though you have not "attached" your ISO-domain.

NOTE: I'll admit that the step(s) for the ISO domain was (and still is) a bit confusing to me each time I build up a new RHEV cluster.

The quick-start guide included with the RHEV 3 Evaluation is actually a very solid guide to building the entire solution.

Hi Kannan,

I'll certainly refer you to what James mentioned, RHEV is not a product I've used much...

Kind Regards,