RH 6.5 - need repo for latest bind package

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Where can I find newer versions of bind?

The latest version of Bind that yum picks up is --> 9.8.2-0.23.rc1.el6_5.1

I had found newer releases of bind on centos.alt.ru but that went bye-bye!

I've searched around and having a hard time finding other repo's. Thanks!


As many folks may read this thread, I'll put the disclaimer out there - BE CAREFUL with non-standard REPOs. I would never use an unknown REPO for compatibility and more importantly security reasons. Newer is not always better. Off my soap-box. ;-)

What version were you looking for? Or more importantly, what features are you seeking? If there is a certain feature (or features) that are missing, you can open a case to see when they might be released as GA. Otherwise, you could always compile from source (which also can present compatibility and security risks).


Hi Henry,

JAMES IS ABSOLUTELY CORRECT - consider his words well...

Here are a couple of quick options... (and see next post too)

Keep in mind, Red Hat often takes features from higher versions open source rpms to lower 'version' rpms for Red Hat Linux, however, I'm not sure if that's the case with bind. Anyway, if you wanted to use a more current open source version not provided by Red Hat, consider and evaluate at your own risk (and without their support) sources such as:

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RHEL 7 RC gives you bind version bind-9.9.4-14. You can get RHEL 7 RC here, (subscription required), or make a request for RHEL 7 rc at this Red Hat link

NOTE: Consider James' post above...

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Henry, please let us know if either of the posts above help resolve your question.

Well in looking at https://www.isc.org/downloads/ you can see that 9.8.7 is EOL in Sept 2014.
Redhat BIND is at 9.8.2 which if it's patched by Redhat, how do I know what equivalent ICS version?

I'm looking to stay more current with BIND and experiment with new features that are released by them.

Don't feel comfortable with using a RC and didn't want to mess with compiling from source and dealing with the updates/compatibility issues.

Was hoping someone was maintaining current RPM's of the product.

Thanks everyone for your input. Going to have to re-evaluate my next steps.


Also, have you heard of "rpmfind"? Keeping James' words in mind, see http://fr2.rpmfind.net/linux/rpm2html/search.php?query=bind, and then you can query for other rpms there as well.

This will not help in the immediate future... Red Hat 7 will be released this summer it seems.

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 was released today.

You can use the BIND version bind-9.9.4-14.el7 within RHEL 7 (now GA).

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Great! Thank you. I will check it out.