Business Administrator with groups

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By default, we saw that business adminsitrators are
- user Administrator
- group Administrators
=> We feel legitimate to believe we can use groups for business administrators (a good Identity & Access Management pratice).

We tried to set groups as "BusinessAdministratorId", and we have two problems:
- a "user" is created ... in the entity table instead of a group (because of a "true" user param in a processPeopleAssignments call inside the product method assignBusinessAdministrators ... see jbpm\jbpm-human-task\jbpm-human-task-workitems\src\main\java\org\jbpm\services\task\wih\util\ ).
- "getTasksAssignedAsBusinessAdministrator" query is user based while there are other queries that take groups into account (see Taskorm.xml : TasksAssignedAsBusinessAdministrator vs TasksAssignedAsPotentialOwnerByStatusByGroup)

I imagine:
- there could be the use of a "BusinessAdministratorGroupId" property in tasks , and a similar method with "false" as processPeopleAssignments parameter.
- there could be a small change in the "getTasksAssignedAsBusinessAdministrator" query to support groups.

Is there a workaround I missed to use groups ?
Is it possible to fix this ?


Hi Jérôme. Sorry the community wasn't able to help you out on this one. If you're still experiencing this issue, please open a Red Hat support case