Jboss BPM Suite / Oracle Database

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We dicovered that task list database queries are delayed by a 2 digit factor because of translation.
The index we added on the I18n table don't help because columns are nullable.
Other solutions like "bitmap index" don't apply because of the amount of tasks.
Is there a precise preconisation for JBPM6 & Oracle indexes ?


Hey Jerome,

Thanks for noticing and reporting this. As far as I am aware, there are no recommendations for indexes on Oracle and BPMS 6.

I will pass this information on to the devs and see if I can get an answer for you.

Well ... in Red_Hat_JBoss_BPM_Suite-6-Administration_And_Configuration_Guide-en-US.pdf page 16 §3.3 Indexing Foreign Keys, there are some hints ...

Thanks Jerome. Did that information in the Admin & Config Guide help in your case?