Commands get hang on the cluster server.

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I have 2 node cluster configured on Rhel, and the issue i'm having is, when I navigate to one of the mounted folders and run 'ls' command it gets hang for a while. luns are mounted and I don't see any error in logs. So just very curious what might be the issue.

Thanks in advance.


Hello Worket - it sounds like GFS (if that is what you are using) is hung up.

Based on that you are using 2 physical nodes, you need:
* ensure make sure your cluster config is setup for 2-node
* fencing (disk or ILOM/DRAC) is configured correctly and responding

 (Optional) If you are configuring a two-node cluster, you can add the following line to the configuration file to allow a single node to maintain quorum (for example, if one node fails):
<cman two_node="1" expected_votes="1"/> 

There are so many options for DRAC/ILOM setup and therefore it's difficult to provide advice there.

Are you using GFS?
Are these physical boxes (not VMs)?
Both SAN attached (not NFS or iSCSI)?

Hi James,
Thanks for response.

I'm using GFS, and these two nodes are VM's that sharing same disk. I'm guessing they have been configured in a right way. I don't have any issues with them besides when I go inside the gfs mounted disk and try to list the content it just hangs over there probably for mins.

GFS can be tricky to troubleshoot via a forum ;-) Like I mentioned, you need to validate you are configured a 2-node cluster and that your fence devices are functioning correctly.

Also - if you are using RHEL 6, you should review the recommendations provided in the following doc:
noatime is a mount option that comes to mind.
Also - you may have a use case that is not best addressed by using GFS.

I recommend opening a ticket and let Red Hat validate your configuration.