Connecting to smb2 share from RHEL 6.4

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This has been puzzling me for days now and I'm hoping someone can help me...

I have RHEL 6.4 and I am trying to mount a NAS share using smb2. I want to use the RHEL 6.4 machine as an smb client, not an smb server. I have no idea how to do this. I can mount it using "mount -t cifs" but can't seem to figure out how to do smb2?

Also, it would be nice to verify after it mounts that it is indeed an smb2 mount.




Hi Mark. Sorry for the lack of response on this one. Might be best to open a Red Hat support case for a definitive answer.


Have you tried

mount -t smbfs

Hi mark,

Unfortunately i do not think you will be able to accomplish this. Let me explain in some additional detail. For RHEL when you use the mount command your are using the kernel driver for cifs. The features for cifs commections are tied to the kernel module providing this. You can see details for this with module "man mount.cifs" The RHEL6 kernel is only capabable of mounting older 1.0 smb protocol mounts. RHEL7 however can mount smb2 version of the protocal since the kernel is using a newer cifs module. On RHEL7 in "man mount.cifs" you will see the options to specify vers= 1.0, 2.0, 2.1, or 3.0.

RHEL6 using samba-3.6.X will however be able to run as a fileserver and clients can use smb2 to access this server. Unfortunatly it does not sound like this will help with what your trying to accomplish.

How to enable SMB2 protocol support on RHEL


Good advice. Remember that on both versions of RHEL, you need to install the package "cifs-utils" for mount.cifs (and its manpage). This is despite the fact that the cifs module is part of the kernel package.


Thanks for sharing your knowledge. That is very helpful information.

Agreed, great info.

Thanks Jeremy.

Given the WannaCry issue we have had to disable SMB 1.0 on our servers. I have a Redhat 6.4 server that still needs to connect to a Windows Server 2012 share. Is there any work around from Redhat?

RHEL 7 supports SMB2 in the CIFS client. Unfortunately the only solution is to update to RHEL 7.

I need to mount share folder in RHEL 6.4 and share folder configured in smb v3.0 so how can i mount in RHEL 6.4

command is : mount -t cifs //IP/share /Backup -o vers=3.0,username=bhupendra,password=xxx, (This command working in ubuntu 14.4.6 version)


mount error(112): Host is down Refer to the mount.cifs(8) manual page (e.g. man mount.cifs)

so please give me the solution for this.

See Jamie Bainbridge's reply above - RHEL 6.x does not support SMB 2.x (and thus by extension, also does not support SMB 3.x).

RHEL 6 is 4 years older than Ubuntu 14.4, and therefore has significantly older software packages (including Samba and related CIFS support tools).

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