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I have run into problems with Cheese. No longer compatible tith latest driver of NVIdia. Using a GeoForce 630 graphic card. The application just crashes after initialization. Runing RHEL 6.5 . I am using the Nvidia driver.

Other inforamtion:
cheese was killed by signal 11 (SIGSEGV)

Any idea what is going on?


Hi Jose,

Was this discussion at this link you posted yesterday on a problem with the cheese program also related to this issue?

  • Are you using SELinux? If so, temporarily shut it off and invoke cheese again just to see if it works (and turn SELinux back on:
[root@yoursystem ~]# getenforce;setenforce 0;getenforce
[root@yoursystem ~]# echo "next invoke the cheese program and make note of differences in logs and function"
  • See if you can acquire some clues from your log files.
    Go to /var/log/ and look for the most recently written to log files:
[root@yoursystem ~]# cd /var/log
[root@yoursystem ~]# ls -ltr

I suspect Xorg.0.log 'might' give some clues, but do a tail -f of the affected logs to watch the errors as you attempt to activate the 'cheese' program.

Also, (you probably have), did you verify the proper nvidia linux driver?

[root@yoursystem ~]# tail -f NAMEOFLOG

Note, you can do a 'tail -f' of more than one log (tail -f messages Xorg.0.log) for example.

So while you are performing the 'tail -f' of the affected log(s), run the cheese program and note the errors in the log.

Alternatively, you can place a trouble case in with Red Hat - they will likely want an sosreport attached.

Good luck

SIGSEGV is a "segmentation fault", meaning the application tried to access memory which it didn't have permission to access.

A segfault can create a core dump - a copy of the application memory which can then be debugged - though you need to enable core capturing first:

Once you've got the core file, please open a support case and attach the core and a sosreport from the system. One of our desktop specialists will be able to investigate what's going on.

Nice - thanks Jamie