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Using Jboss 6 EAP, EWS Apache 2.2. Managed mode with one domain controller and four Jboss App Servers and two Apache webservers and one Barracuda Load Balancer.

I created a new EAR for our Jboss EAP 6 servers that had small jsp changes. I used the management console to deploy the app. I disabled the app and did a replace to update the EAR then enabled the application.

The deployment looked like it went successfully. Logged onto our load balancer to check to see if the changes were present and they weren't. I then logged onto each EAP server to verify if all these servers had the change and they didn't. I navigated to each of the servers domain/data/content folder to see if the EAR had the changes I expected and of course they did have the changes.

I did several things such as restarting the jboss App Servers. Removing and Add the application back then assigning it to the server group. But nothing has worked.

The last thing I did to fix this was to turn off all the EAP servers and delete all the tmp data and content folders on all app servers and controller. I also had to update the domain.xml on the controller so that it wasn't expecting a deployment. Then redeployed the app. This worked but I would not expect to have to do this at all.

Any thoughts on why this might be happening?



Hi Ruthie. Sorry the community here hasn't been able to help you out with a solution to this yet. I'll try to track down someone who can offer some advice.

Deploy operation copies your deployment under $JBOSS_HOME/(standalone|domain)/data/content/ dir and it doesn't watch or remember your source EAR file location. Enable/disable app just redeploys the copied deployment.

After updating the EAR file you need to redeploy the updated EAR file to reflect your changes.


Can you set to true while starting the JBoss this will delete the JSP cache each time on context destroy.

This feature is available in EAP 6.1.0.

Agree with Takayoshi, it will copy over the .ear and use the cloned one under /data/content/ in the future.

So how did you do this ?
*** and did a replace to update the EAR ***

You will need to deploy the .ear file again if you change it, or you can try deployment overlay feature[1] which is available since EAP 6.1.

[1] -

Thanks Abhijeet. I'll try that setting.