[Documentation] Automatically generate errata report per system registered to Red Hat Satellite Server

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Hi folks,

I just created a script which helps me in my daily administration tasks.
It generates errata reports per machine for all the systems registered to Red Hat Satellite Server.

Before maintenance I can simply have a look at the list and see what patches need to be installed on what systems - in one single view.

Of course Red Hat Satellite offers a likewise view - but in our company we have a special documentation system based on national security specifications.
For me this is the most handy way to automate the documentation process.

I wrote a short documentation about this - maybe this is also helpful to some of you.

Just wanted to share that with you - if you're interested you can find the documentation here: http://st-devel.net/blers

Best regards from Germany,


Hi Christian,

I can't reach the site, would you mind posting the script here?
I'd be very interested in checking it out.

Kind regards,

It's a redirect that goes here:

Hi Remmele,

like PixelDrift.NET Support said this is a redirect. Is the full URL that have been posted working for you?

If not I can also paste the script here. I wanted to avoid to paste the whole documentation here because in case of a mistake in the document I only have to change the documentation once.

Best regards,

Hi Christian,

The full URL did the trick - thank you!

Appreciate the reply

Hi Remmele,

you're welcome!

Best regards,

Hi Christian,

It is a great script, I found only one issue in my environment.

I tested the script on a RH Satellite 5.6 server running using LANG=nl_NL.UTF8 and found it the table join to give a join error: "the second file is not sorted"

So it would a nice feature to set the language to C at the start of the session.
The user could also overwrite the language setting when starting the script.

LC_ALL=C LANG=C /opt/tools/errata_report.sh

Kind regards,

Jan Gerrit

Hi Jan,

sorry for the late answer.

Had a look at your proposal - great idea! Had the issue on another machine and was able to fix it by setting LANG=C inside the script.

I fixed that in my blog post, thanks for sharing!

Best regards,

Many thanks for putting this together and sharing it here, Christian.

I haven't tested it out, but we've had a few users ask about similar scripts and this could definitely be helpful to them.

Hi Christian,

Could you please share me the link of script, so i can deploy in my environment and share the results with you for further discussion.

Hi Sushil, sorry for the late answer. You can find the script here: https://cstan.io/?p=5812

I haven't updated the script in 5 years, I'm also not even using Red Hat Satellite 5.x/Spacewalk anymore. Hope it will help you anyway.

Best wishes, Christian.