Upgrade rhel 7 to rhel 8 using leapp

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I am sorry for my bad english
I tried to upgrade my rhel server 7.9 to 8.6.
the upgrade is OK. but when I restart my server, it still boot on version 7.9
Version leapp used:
[root@redhat67 el8userspace]# rpm -qa | grep leapp

You will find attached a list of captures with all the details.
1/ upgrade: the end of the upgrade OK
the end of the upgrade OK

2/ file-sys : current file system
current file system

3/current-version : current version system
current version system

4/ leapp-report : /var/log/leapp/leapp-report.txt file content
leapp-report.txt file content

5/new-sys: the new sys in /var/lib/leapp/el8userspace
the new sys in /var/lib/leapp/el8userspace

6/ boot-content : boot content after upgrade
boot content after upgrade

how to boot on the new version
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Hello Michel,

I don't see any RHEL8 image files created under /boot. Did you reboot the system after the upgrade completed successfully? Once you reboot, the system would start the process of generating required initramfs and other images files for the available RHEL8 release under /boot. Please check this.

Additionally, check the free/available space under /boot since many files are there, I'm thinking it would be less. If so, then you got to delete older kernel version to increase free space there.

Hope this helps!

Hello Michel,

Thank you for your response. Yes i rebooted the system after upgrade, boot OK but it's start on the version 7.6 After reboot, no rhel 8 file generated under /boot

After running command leapp upgrade , the new rhel 8 its under /var/lib/leapp/el8userspace/boot/ [root@redhat67 boot]# ls /var/lib/leapp/el8userspace/boot/ config-4.18.0-372.32.1.el8_6.x86_64 initramfs-0-rescue-eb63dd3917fb4331a43680cfeeb60eed.img System.map-4.18.0-372.32.1.el8_6.x86_64 dracut initramfs-4.18.0-372.32.1.el8_6.x86_64.img vmlinuz-0-rescue-eb63dd3917fb4331a43680cfeeb60eed efi loader vmlinuz-4.18.0-372.32.1.el8_6.x86_64 grub2 symvers-4.18.0-372.32.1.el8_6.x86_64.gz [root@redhat67 boot]#

I deleted the old kernel version, but same problem.

I dont know, way the new version its under /var/lib/leapp/el8userspace/boot/

After reboot nothing its hapened, the server boot normaly in the old version.

Best regards

It seems that it has not yet completed the final process of generating required files under /boot. After the successful leap upgrade when the system reboots, you should see a boot line/stanza which states RHEL-Upgrade-Initramfs (this is what I observed when I tested the leapp upgrade long back, not sure if it has got changed now) which you could select manually if not selected, and check if that complete the required steps. If so, then the system would boot into RHEL8 release after the next reboot.