No Display Signal when booting RHEL without display connected

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Hi Everyone,

A bit of a strange one here that I have been searching the internet for help.

I install RHEL 8.4 on a machine with a monitor connected, installation is fine, RHEL works perfectly, I can disconnect the display and reconnect it and everything is fine.

However, if I shut the system down, disconnect the display, power up the system and then later connect the display, RHEL doesnt seem to detect the fact that I have connected a monitor, the machine is on the network, I can SSH to it, but I am not able to get the display to work unless I reboot with it conncted.

Any thoughts or ideas??




I have the same issue. Any solution?

Hi, I have an external monitor connected to my laptop and when I have display problems, the first thing I try is to ctrl+alt+F2 to switch to some other terminal, then ctrl+alt+F1 to get back to my GUI session. This often gets things working again.