How to Allow virt-v2v to import more than 3 disk from esx server

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Respected Sir

I have one vm on esxi which is having 4 disk attached to it and all disk are member of sigle lvm group and assign to "/" root partition

Now i am trying to migrate the vm from esxi to rhevm and getting this error

usr/share/perl5/vendor_perl/Sys/VirtConvert/ line 96

I have read the thread that virt-v2v with four disk is not supported but is there any workaroud or any trick from which i can perform the migration of my vm

because if i will try to migrate with 2 disk attached the boot disk and any other disk

its giving error root device not found

so what can i do in this situation

please reply ASAP





Hi Pratik,


Let me see if I can track down an answer for you on this one.


We also hit this undocumented limitation albeit migrating KVM to RHEV.  I got in touch with Richard Jones who is responsible for the virt-v2v tool and was told that it was a known issue that is being rectified on an upcoming rewrite.   In the meantime, the only way around this issue is to consolidate your virtual disks before you attampt to migrate.  That's of course if you can.

You can always detach extra disks from guests  before running virt-v2v and dd it later to RHEV imported vm after creating additional disks with same size. Steps to do this are a bit convoluted and unsupported.

Is your ESXi VM Windows or Linux?

One possibility - V2V just the system disk from your source VMware VM to a target KVM VM.  Next. disconnect the virtual NIC on your source VM and boot it.  Assign your source VM a new IP Address and reconnect its virtual NIC back up.  

Boot your target, migrated VM. Now create your target virtual data disks and copy the data virtual disk contents over the network.  You could do it with rsync if your VM is Linux, or Windows drag and drop or Windows Backup if Windows.  

Of course, this gets more complicated if the VM is running a database or other app that keeps files open on the data disks all the time.  If this the case, you'll also need to put something together to boot both VMs without launching that app at boot time. 

- Greg Scott