Is there a graphical FTP client for RHEL?

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After installing RHEL6 on my laptop, I wanted to install a FTP client on it to upload files to another system. I couldn't find/install a (graphical) FTP client like gFTP. Is there no such package included in the RHEL system? Any suggestions or advice on which one to use? I don't want to enable a 3rd party repo in order to keep my system as clean as possible.



just open Nautilus (GNOME) or Konqueror (KDE), hit CTRL+L and enter your FTP address - e.g.: ftp://user@server.


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How could I have missed this... Thanks for the quick reply Christian.

This is so much easier.




My pleasure, you're welcome!


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"Connect to Server"


Places > Connect to Server

and enter the FTP site and login info and a window opens with a directory of the FTP server.

I am impressed because before this discussion, I was installing Fillezilla.

Thanks to all for pointing this out.

Steve H