Issues installing RHEV Hypervisor 6.4

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Has anyone been able to install RHEV Hypervisor 6.4 without any issues?

Hardware - HP 460c GEN8/Intel 128GB RAM, 32GB Flash card.

It doesn't matter if I go through the install and put in the dedicated storage_vol amounts or at the beginning tab and put in


After putting in the root password and tabing or arrow down to "Continue" it goes to a Black screen
and just sits that and blinks.  The CDROM flashes now and then so I let it run hoping it is doing
something, but it never changes.

Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong or is there a known issue with RHEVH 6.4


This isn't specific to RHEVH, but I have had systems hang like you are describing while it probes (endlessly) for a floppy. 

Try appending the following at boot:


Also - did you look at the other virtual displays (ALT-F2, ALT-F3,etc.. ) to see if anything was alerting a problem?


"RHEV Hypervisor 6.4" no longer uniquely identifies a specific build. Does your problem persist when you use rhev-hypervisor6-6.4-20130415.0.el6_4 a.k.a. "rhev-hypervisor 6.4 Update 2" from RHSA-2013-0746?

rhev-hypervisor6-6.4-20130415.0.el6_4 is the version I am using.

I also recall having issues on some of my test nodes that I had installed ESXi on to.  I had to boot the systems with a rescue CD and relabel the storage.  I can't recall specifics (i.e. if I had to remove GPT and change it to MSDOS, etc..)  Unfortunately I have never installed to a FlashCard either.  As I mentioned previously, if you are able to switch virtual consoles, you can try see if you have a command prompt via ALT-F2 and update the storage from there.   Firstly, I would run # fdisk -l to make sure that anaconda first sees the device (FlashCard).  Did the flash card come formated as ExFAT?

The flash card came installed from HP.  But RHEV Hypervisor 6.4 sees it.  In regards to consoles, I either go through HP Onboard Administrator, or connect monitor, mouse, and keyboard directly to the blade server.  Either way it does the same and I don't get anything from ALT-F1/F2.

How do you figure this isn't an issue specific to RHEVH when that is what I am installing?  It get all the way to putting in the root password and then it goes to a black screen and hangs there.

I had not processed that by the time you enter the password, RHEVH was fairly far along in the installation process (sorry about the misunderstanding there).  You can basically ignore all of my previous contributions, as I was on a completely different page.. in a different book even :-(

On our Dell servers when I am doing an installation, I can switch the virtual console using just the ALT and function key (i.e. ATL-F2)  on my physical box, I have to use CTRL-ALT-F2.  F2 I believe will provide the shell prompt.  Anyhow...

RHEVH (in theory) should be the same source as RHEL, just pared down to the minimal packages to run the Hypervisor.  I generally approach troubleshooting them the same way, until I find a situation that points me in a different direction.  We use RHEL as a hypervisor and it has been a few months since I have installed RHEVH.

Again - I apologize for derailing the thread with my inability to read ;-)

If I was in your situation (and time to do this), I would investigate rhevh-iso-to-disk and try to install RHEV on to a USB stick to see if that works.

# rhevh-iso-to-disk --format --reset-mbr /usr/share/rhev-hypervisor/rhev-
hypervisor.iso /dev/sdc

Frank in 6.4 you should be able to set the parition sizes right before setting the root password. Does the same problem occur when you leave out the storage_vol parameters and adjust those?