storage domain thresholds ?

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We create 2TB SD's, and are prevented from assigning more disk when there are around 200GB free. There seems to be some thresholds preventing us from using the full storage domain capacity. Is this something we can tune somewhere? Anybody know what the thresholds are based on ?


Not sure but maybe changing the values of one of the following configuration keys will help:


The key values can be changed with "rhevm-config".

Thanks for these, I also found them documented in

We have:

FreeSpaceCriticalLowInGB: 5 version: general
FreeSpaceLow: 10 version: general

but don't seem able to add disks beyond FreeSpaceLow. Trying to add a 50GB disk on a 2TB SD with 209GB free fails with the message "Cannot add Virtual Machine disk. Low disk space on relevant storage domain.". So it doesn't seem to work as documented.


Fully documented in this knowledge base article: