Will you be attending Red Hat Summit, 2013?

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The time is fast approaching for another Red Hat Summit!
So I'd like to know: who is planning to be there for all the action in Boston, June 11 - 14?
I'd love to help organize a meetup for folks involved in this subscriber community, so that maybe we can put some faces to often-seen names!


I (Udo Seidel from Amadeus) will be there.

I'll be there. My first summit.

I'm in - first Summit as well.

Hi David, 


Hope you still remember me :D and yes I will be there! My first Summit!

Hey Pranesh!

Hope you are doing well mate. I'm jealous you are heading to Summit this year, it should be interesting! 

Let us know how it goes,

Jason Shepherd


I remember you for sure. :D

It's awesome that you're heading to Summit. I won't actually be there myself this year, which is a shame. 

How are things with you?

:-( unfortunately no budget :-(

Sorry to hear that. :(


Maybe next year!

Udo, that's great! Please come by the GSS booth and introduce yourself!

I will be there. My first Summit and first conference in general.

You could be here! :-)

Sure, rub it in, Andrius! ;)

Great photos. Wish I could be there!

I wish i could be there

Unfortunately no budget :(

Yep, booked !    Was there last year.  The cap I was given has faded and I need a new one ;)

(I wear it every day when running through London)

Taken the additional two day training option prior to Summit too.

Hey Rich, it was great having you with us last year! I'll definitely grab another hat for you.

Also, what I'd love is for you to send David or me a picture of you running through London :)

FYI for those interested in the Red Hat Network Satellite roadmap (current 5.x and next-generation Satellite), there will be presentations by product and engineering management at the Summit, so make sure to bring your questions :)

Yep, confirmed. Will be happy to shake hands with all the GSS-ninjas. Cheers!

Yepp. I'll be travelling in from Sweden.

I'll be there.  

- Greg

BTW, this comment box does not seem to light up with IE 10.  Works fine with Chrome.  I should maybe be tarred and feathered for mentioning the Microsoft browser in a Red Hat forum.  :)

- Greg

Ha, Greg! Seriously, thanks for letting us know. Can you please email me at hhutton@redhat.com and send a screenshot? We'll look into it.

I'll be there too.

I'll be there as well.

I'll be there. 

I wish too i could be there... no time :-(

A bonus for those attending the Summit, attend the Red Hat Developer Exchange for free!  Use this passcode:  DEVEXCHANGEVIP.

Red Hat Connect Developer Exchange (formerly known as Developer Day) is heading back to Boston. You won't want to miss this one-day event where you can learn more about Red Hat developer tools and technologies. From on-premise to virtualization and cloud, from gcc to scripting languages, from traditional models to devops--You'll get the chance to connect with fellow developers, share real-world challenges, and solve mutual problems through collaboration.

Tracks and sessions will cover important topics, including:

  • Programming on OpenShift Online PaaS
  • Languages and tools for mission-critical development
  • Get more out of Red Hat Enterprise Linux tools
  • DevOps

Visit here for details:  http://www.redhat.com/developerexchange/



Awesome. Thanks, Mike!

Thanks to everyone who has let us know you're coming! I know there are more of you out there planning to attend though, so don't be shy ;)


Good stuff

There's not a shutter speed slow enough to capture me on film. ;)

I will be running the Redhat 5K in Boston next week though. I'm sure there will be some footage from that.

We'll give it a try, Rich- remember I got a good pic of you last year :) Enjoy the 5K! Sounds fun-

For those of you that are coming to the Summit we've planned an informal get-together near the GSS booth on Thursday from 1- 1:30pm. Come by and meet other Groups members and leaders, and chat with GSS support representatives! It's always fun to meet the faces behind the names of those that we interact with here in our community.