Rhevm interface loses default gateway after assigning it to a bond (mode 1) interface

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Hi all,

I've noticed something weird while configuring 3 hypervisors in a RHEV 3.1 setup.

While installing up the hypervisors I've configured the first network interface with an IP address, netmask and default gateway and a VLAN id.

After approving the hypervisors in RHEV I then remove the rhevm network from the interface, created a bond (bond0, mode 1) and assigned the rhevm network to it. I then checked the network settings and to my surprise the default gateway entry was empty...

That doesn't seem right, does it?



Hi Max, 

The default gateway problem you are currently seeing is a reported bug in Rhev 3.1. https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=923443

If you have Red Hat Support can you please open a support ticket and provide the bug in the ticket ? 


Josh Carter

As noted by Josh already, this is a known issue while trying to bond rhevm configured with vlan. If vlan is not used, then everythign will work as expected.

There should be a fix for this in a future version. I recommend you open a case.

I already create a ticket with this.

and vlan tag not working in trunk and native vlan.