RHEV 3.0 / 3.1 support for Netbackup backup ?

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I have done some search on RH's KB / Google but only thing I have managed to find is this for RHEV 2.2:



Is there a nice way for Netbackup to backup RHEV ? Or some doc about with step by step how-to like the one in obove link just for RHEV 3.0 or 3.1 (when it become Final / GA).


Hi Stefan,


I couldn't find a ready document, however, looking at the existing one, it looks very easy to adapt to RHEV3.x

The procedures are the same to backup and restore VMs

To backup and restore the RHEV-M, the procedure from https://access.redhat.com/knowledge/docs/en-US/Red_Hat_Enterprise_Virtualization/3.0/html/Administration_Guide/Administration_Guide-Backing_Up.html can probably be easily adapted. Please take a look and let me know what you think





Hi Dan thanks for quick answer.


So only way to backup RHEV guest is to install NetBackup agent on them ?


I was hoping for backup of whole guest(s) so it could be restored easly. Idea it to get RHEV-H guest images to tapes.

Some tool that would backup whole RHEV guest as single file and produce for example "rhev_guest.img" on remote server (via nfs / iscsi / smb... ) so I could backup it to tape(s) with NetBackup.

The doc you mentioned doesn't talk of whole-image backups. In any case, backing up images means a simple set of steps:

- live snapshot of VM

- backup the backing image, while VM is running on the snapshot


Live snapshots will come in in 3.1, so I expect this sort of backup will start appearing as soon as the backup ISVs finish working on their integration bits for RHEV 3.1


If you're happy to stop the VM for the backup, you can always stop VM, export it into an export domain, and save the images in the export domain to whatever medium you like

If I have understood you correctly live / automated backup should look like this:


- Wait for RHEV 3.1 (Hopefully not for to long :) )

- Do a live snapshot of VM I wish to backup (via REST / Python API)

- ssh to RHEV-H (with keys) holding VM designated for backup.

- dd original RAW LVM of VM to remote server ( via NFS for example)

- Backup img file with NetBackup.

- Delete snapshot (via REST / Python API)


Is this is correct, this is totally acceptable solution.

the raw LV is not enough, you will need the domain metadata to go with it. A proper backup solution will copy the LV, but at the backup destination it will assemble it with a metadata description. I suggest waiting for an actual product to come out, there are several ISVs working on this already