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Hi ,


We have to implement a housekeeping tasks for our satellite and proxy servers . Can anyone guide us on what tasks we have to follow for these servers ?


For normal servers we do logrotate and rarely tmpwatch .


Any suggestion or help is appreciated .


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Prakash Sharma


Hi Prakash,


Yes logrotate would be a good first step in general.


On the satellite servers I have seen some customers also cleaning (i.e deleting) up the duplicate and inactive systems time to time. You might want to explore on this part as it frees up the entitlements from duplicate/inactive systems. We do have API's through which this help automate this part.




Hi Prakash,


Apart from rotating the logs and cleaning up duplicate/inactive system profiles, another important task on your RHN  Satellite would be to have working database backups, and have a good policy to rotate/remove those as they tend to use a lot of space over the time.





Thanks Paresh & caetano ,for your valuable suggestions 


We do have a database backups policy  for Sat servers. 


@Paresh :- Can you please point me to right direction from where i can get more info on those APIs (and all API's available )


Thanks again ..

All of the documentation for Satellite is available from this page.  Select the API page based on the version you are running.



It's also included after you log into RHNS on your own system by clicking on the help link in the top menu. 

Hi Prakash,


For the complete list of all available APIs to use you can go to your Satellite web-ui -> About or Help tab -> API section. It will take you to  (replace with the FQDN of your satellite). This page will list the various available API calls available on your satellite.


More details on usage of API's and FAQ can be found in API Overview document under "Red Hat Network Satellite" documentation.


Let me know if this helps you get started with APIs.