Meet Jason Shepard, our Red Hatter of the week!

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This week's featured Red Hatter is Jason Shepard.



In his own words:


"Hello, my name is Jason Shepherd and I am from Brisbane, Australia. I work in Middleware Frontline and am responsible for supporting Enterprise Application Platform, SOA Platform and Opensh

ift. I provide first touch on bases in these areas and often work with other GSS members and Engineering to fix bugs in these areas.

I enjoy working at Red Hat because of the collaborative culture. Because of our open source philosophies we like issues to be out in the open, so that we can discuss them, and work together towards a resolution. There is little bureaucracy, and a lot of action. I have worked in this position for 2 years now.

I studied multimedia and software engineering at university, before traveling to Japan to work as an English teacher. I returned to Australia 3 years later, and started working as a Java Developer. I started developing software when test driven development, and agile methodologies where just becoming popular, and was lucky enough to be trained in these areas when I first started working. I enjoy writing quality code, that is clean and elegant."



I'll vouch that Jason is a nice guy and good to work with.  If memory serves correctly, he's also an award winning Salsa dancer.  Talent runs deep!



Jason? Is this accurate? ;)

Not just any award either, if I'm not wrong he's Australian Champ:


That is impressive, Jason! Red Hatters are talented in so many ways :)

Haha, that was a couple of years ago now. I also went to Puerto Rico to compete in the World Championships, in the team event. It was an awesome experience, one I'll never forget!


While I was always an Ametuer, I'm having a break from competetive dancing. At the moment I am cheorographing a dance with fiance, that we will perform at our wedding next year. :)

Jason, your wedding dance will be youtube dance sensation :)

Handsome! Your life is so colorful! so many experience makes you so different.

Jason, u are so handsome!BTW, your dancing partner is so sexy ! :-)

Thanks Vicky!


Also, I'll let my dance partner know you think she's sexy.