ACPI Battery requirements for RHEL 6.x

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I am a BIOS developer for custom hardware platforms that use both Windows 7 applications and RHEL 6.x.  Our current platforms support the use of the SMART battery system manager, charger and batteries.  My current set of ACPI 4.0 tables work fine in a Windows environment but fail to boot when using RHEL 6.x.  Does Redhat provide any documentation on the requirements of the batery subsytem ACPI tables that it expects to see so that I can tailor my platform accordingly.


This isn't an area that I'm particularly familiar with, but in my limited experience, boot problems triggered by problematic ACPI tables generally involve specific error or warning messages whose context can be examined in a fairly straightforward manner inside the kernel source. In addition to this, the kernel's documentation provides pointers on ACPI debug output, overriding DSDTs and tracing AML methods.