Increase low disk space limit in RHEV 3

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I have 1 large LUN (2,5TB).

The limit seems to be percent based (90%?), which means I have ~300GB free space when reaching the limit.

Is there a way to increase the limit?


Yes, check the FreeSpaceLow value in rhevm-config, it is set to 10 (percent) by default, if your storage domains are large it usually makes sense to make this percentage smaller.

Have tried following values:

rhevm-config -s FreeSpaceLow=5

rhevm-config -s FreeSpaceLow=1

rhevm-config -s FreeSpaceLow=-1



Available: 735 GB


Trying to create a 500GB preallocated disk still fails with "low disk space".

rhevm-config -s FreeSpaceLow=0

service jbossas restart

Ah, missed the jbossas restart part.