iSCSI IPv6 support for RHEV3.0

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is IPv6 is supported on RHEV3.0?? 





Where do you want IPv6? If it's on your VM, it works fine. If it's on your rhevmanager or hypervisors, it doesn't seem supported. At least I see no menu for it on the network config for the hypervisor and I know iSCSI over IPv6 isn't supported.

ipv6 session does get created on hypervisor. But rhevM fails to display it correctly. Must be an issue with rhev-M. Hypervisor console list it properly.


* Dan can enlighten us.



Hi Ranjan,


IPv6 is not supported in RHEV's management yet, that includes all the IP related settings you see in the GUI, including iSCSI. IPv6 in RHEV based VMs works just fine though.


This is alreade being considered for the future, but if this is important for you, please file a feature request through a support case, in order to give this feature more weight