Don't move parted to 3.0...

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parted 3.0 removes some key functionality like mkpartfs, mkfs, cp, move, check and most importantly, resize.


It seems that installers will need *partition-level* resizing capability and it appears that parted 3.0 has removed this capability:


  Remove all FS-related (file system-related) sub-commands; these commands
  are no longer recognized because they were all dependent on parted "knowing"
  too much about file system: mkpartfs, mkfs, cp, move, check, resize.
  This change removes not just the user interface bits, but also the
  library functions and nearly all of the underlying FS-munging code.
  The code embedded in Parted by which it knew about those file systems
  was so old, unmaintainable and buggy that while seemingly drastic,
  this change is like removing a gangrenous toe.

It is interesting to note that Ubuntu 12.04 kept their version of parted at 2.3...