How can we help you get started with Red Hat?

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We're always looking for ways to make the learning curve easier for our new users.

If you're new to linux, or open source, or Red Hat (or can remember when you were!), we want to know what you struggled with. What areas can cause problems for new users? If you went looking for help, was it easy to find?


Good or bad, we'd love to hear about your experience below, and of course, if you're having trouble as a new user and want a quick answer from our community or engineers, this Getting Started group is the place to ask.




PROXY at INSTALL -- just say wait til AFTER install THEN Register  :)


Oh, did I say that out loud?   The PROXY issue, especially during setup/in itial install, is horrid - and I am NOT a newbie  ><

Thanks for the feedback, Bill!