RHEV-M - Creating a new server from a template

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When creating a new server from a template, the template goes into a "locked" state until the clone is complete.  The template is not available to create further new servers whilst in this locked state.

This means you can only deploy one server at a time from a particular template.


Can you confirm this is the case ? 




Yes, this is a known limitation, that can be worked around if you use the API instead of the GUI. If this is a real showstopper for you, please open a support case and request an RFE to improve this behaviour.




After speaking to our RH SSA it would appear that an RFE is already in the system to cover this. (bugzilla #815642) but I'm not authorized to view it.

However, I will raise a support request as you suggest. Might add some weight.


Thanks again Dan

> Might add some weight.


This is the idea exactly :)