Unable to edit DNS and NTP server config on RHEV-H host....

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I have powered-off all the guests and have placed the RHEV-H (v3) host in "maintenance" mode using RHEV-M-GUI.  After that, I then logged into it via SSH (using ssh admin@rhev-h-host), it does open the configuration console, however,  in the "Networking" tab, the cursor does NOT go to  DNS and NTP configuration fields..Also, I see "Managed by RHEV-M (Read Only)" line.


Seems like I can not edit DNS and NTP fields on the Network tab in "admin" mode...


So, how can I edit those fields ?


Any pointers ?





Hello Dharmesh,


Once the rhevm interface is created and hypervisors is added to RHEV Manager you will not be able to modify network. You have manually edit the respective configuration files


When you are on the admin console, press F2. This will take you to the root shell.

To change nameserver configurations edit /etc/resolve.conf and to change ntp edit /etc/ntp.conf


After making the changes run the persist command.


persist /etc/resolv.conf /etc/ntp.conf





I have, similar problem. I deleted from resolv.conf a "search localhost" row. I issue "persist /etc/resolv.conf " command, and after I reboot RHEV-H. After reboot a "search localhost" row it was written again to resolv.conf. Why? How can I eliminate this row?



There are 2 ways, both persistent:

manual modification /var/lib/vdsm/persistence/netconf/nets/ovirtmgmt and change DNS:

"nameservers" : [

or: vdsClient -s 0 setupNetworks