Hello? Anyone here?

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 I find that when I say I paid for my RHEL6 at places like LinuxQuestions.org  say go ask ( RedHat )them. 


 That is reasonable since RedHat and in turn every one of you have some of your pay as a part of my fees and I am okay with that but that no one here is responding at all.  Well that is disturbing.



 Help me please. 


 Don't punish me for paying for RedHat 6 when Centros was free please.



 So hello friends!  I know I have much to learn about using RHEL6 as my desktop WorkStation but hey it really is solid and cool!


 I just need to upgrade the Gcalctool to 2.6 and I need Ghex so I am not sure why I cannot simply have all the dependancies installed like .. eh.. Fedora which is free by the way.




 So come on.. Help a common user here.